Mamta Gera

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Mamta is a CEO, leadership consultant and public speaker who has delivered numerous workshops, coaching and training to executives, directors and managers within corporates, ranging all industries. Mamta has over 20 years experience within the Broadcast Media industry, having worked in companies such as Sky, Amazon, and the BBC. Mamta had her own struggles in her career, suffering from a low self image and imposter syndrome, which impacted her ability to become a confident leader. Mamta is now passionate about positively changing mindsets within organisations and helping women, BAME and LGBTQ members reach their full potential, and become confident, inspiring leaders. 


Opening up the second day of Women of Silicon Roundabout 2019

Regular TV appearances and Interviews

Regular speaker on BBC Radio London & BBC Asian Network

Speaking about our 'Inner Critic' at Courageous Leaders 2020



Lee Philips, Technical Director

The biggest lesson I learnt was to be self aware. To stop and ask myself how I feel about a situation before I react to it. I can now lead by example.

Hiywet Berhe, Head of Delegate Sales

The biggest impact was how to lead myself, both personally and professionally. I also learnt to implement emotional intelligence which is highly important.

Michaela Jeffery-Morrison, COO

I learnt how to have more empathy, especially as the owner of the company, responsible for many employees. I understand myself much better and be more aware.

Jordan Graham, Senior Conference Producer

I have the confidence to know that my voice is valued and important. I am now able to be more assertive and proactive. 

Philip Spencer, CEO

Without exaggeration, I have completely changed the way I live and work. I've able to create the a healthy balance whilst being effective in my work.

Rebecca Davis, Senior Operations Executive

I am a-lot more aware of how I communicate with people and how they communicate with me. It's given me a huge confidence boost.