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Our overall well being, progression in our career and the way we lead others comes from how we view ourselves. In this module, we’ll be looking at how negative thoughts impact all of these areas - in particular the inner critic and imposter syndrome. 

Become aware of the thought patterns limiting you and implement positive change to help you progress in your ‘whole’ life.


Emotional Intelligence is an important skill for all of us to have. But what does emotional intelligence mean and why is it so crucial? In this module, we’ll explore the key areas of emotional intelligence and how it can be used for success and happiness. We'll look at tools and techniques on how to manage psychological inflictions such as rejection, guilt, rumination, loneliness and fear. 

You will gain an understanding of your own emotional intelligence strengths, development areas and how to improve key areas.


A large part of our programming is from childhood. Our behaviours are formed early – what is communicated to us about ourselves when we are children are the perceptions strongly rooted within us. In this module, we’ll be exploring what this programming looks like and how it affects your daily life, both at home and work.

Become aware of your programmed behaviours and start making active change to prevent these behaviours from impacting your dreams, goals and happiness. 


Being able to communicate effectively is one of the most important life skills to learn. In this module, we’ll look at how verbal and non-verbal communication increases understanding and elevates relationships.

Through techniques of communicating with empathy, assertiveness and active listening, you will be able take away hands on practical tools and implement them immediately to strengthen your communication.  


We are living in a time surrounded by ever changing technology and the pressure of constantly being online. We often find ourselves struggling to find that healthy balance between work, leisure and family. In this module, we will be looking at why obtaining a beautiful life balance is critical for our mental health and well being.

Learn to understand where your time is going and why. Implement practical techniques to start creating your beautiful life balance.  


Have you ever reflected on your life? Clarify its purpose, identify what is truly important to you, and set out what you would like to achieve? In this module, we’ll explore why all of these things are crucial to your growth as a human being.

Get to know your own values and learn how to create your own personal mission statement from them.


When you have understood your values and purpose, the next step is to start moving your life forwards and create a life full of joy, happiness and meaning. A crucial part of this process is goal setting. In this module, learn how goal setting is a creative process and how it can be used to start fulfilling your dreams.

Learn how to action your purpose. Using practical goal setting techniques, start creating the life you desire and deserve. 


For our eighth and final session of the programme, we’ll be inviting a guest speaker to talk about their own inspiring stories and how they overcame their challenges. Gain valuable insight, inspiration and tools on how to create the life and work you love. In the clip below, the fabulous Ed Kirwan, founder of Empathy Week, talks about his journey.

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